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COMMERCIAL EnvironmentStandards and certifications






The Scientific and Technical Centre for Building’s UPEC classification (based on wear, indentation, water and chemicals) divides buildings into 11 categories and within each of them defines, for each room type, the required technical specifications for floor coverings to ensure adequate durability of these coverings (a minimum of 10 years for normal use with appropriate cleaning). The QB UPEC certification (or QB UPEC A+ for acoustic products) awarded by CSTB attests that a manufacturer’s products comply with the product standards and technical specifications for the rooms in which the manufacturer intends for them to be used.

Our actions

All our glue-down professional PVC products are certified QB UPEC, or QB UPEC A+ for our acoustic products.

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Cradle to Cradle is a particularly stringent international certification that assesses products based on 5 types of criteria related to sustainable development: material health or toxicity of materials used; material reuse in a biological or technical cycle; use of renewable energies and carbon management; water stewardship or management; and social fairness or corporate responsibility.

Our actions

Cradle to Cradle certification of other Gerflor products is in progress. DLW Linoleum is Cradle to Cradle certifiedTM Silver.

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Blue Angel

What is it?

Similar but more demanding than AgBB, this German evaluation procedure measures VOC emissions after 3 and 28 days:

Our actions

Gerflor product ranges VOC emissions comply with the Blue Angel requirements. But our products can not have the Blue Angel certification as Blue Angel excludes vinyl products.

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What is it?

Finland evaluation procedure: after 28 days, TVOC, formaldehyde, ammoniac, carcinogenic and sensory evaluation.

Our actions

Gerflor products comply with M1 requirements. We have got some products M1 certified but have not done. it for all our products.

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An American certification system based on the California “Section 01350” for VOC emission evaluation, specific to floor coverings. This evaluation procedure measures emissions after 11, 12 and 14 days: limit values for TVOCs and aldehydes. It is the most recognised system in the world and the best way to approve a product in terms of VOC emissions, based on LEED™ certification.

Every year Floorscore requires:

Our actions

Gerflor floors are Floorscore certified. Using exclusively Gerflor products in a given project can score 1 point according to the LEED™ credit system for a low-emitting flooring system.

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All Gerflor products can contribute to environmental building certification, their contribution varying depending on product characteristics and the technologies used.  



LEED™ (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a renowned international green building certification system developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

There are different types of LEED™ certification:

How can flooring contribute to LEED™ certification?





Our actions

Gerflor products can provide up to 3 points towards LEED™ certification:

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In France, the HQE High Environmental Quality standard is a global approach specifying criteria for buildings to “manage impacts on the outdoor environment and create a pleasant and healthy indoor environment”.

HQE specifies 14 targets, 7 of which relate to flooring:




For detailed and personalised information, please contact your Gerflor Sales Advisor.


Our actions

Contribution to HQE certification:

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