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ESD Flooring solutions

GERFLOR ESD flooring comes in both conductive and dissipative versions, offering essential protection for technical environments such as production rooms, electronic equipment areas, and operating rooms. 

These products are available in a variety of colours that complement our Homogeneous and Heterogeneous ranges.

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ESD Flooring solutions

ESD (Electro Static Discharge) floor coverings encompass conductive and dissipative options, effectively dissipating static electricity or converting flooring into antistatic surfaces. 

Electro-conductive flooring is engineered for environments like production rooms, electronic equipment areas, and clean rooms, minimizing production disruption. Our ESD range offers a permanently dissipative homogeneous floor covering, ensuring lasting antistatic properties. Available in tiles and rolls, color choices facilitate zoning and safety marking. 

Our flooring is stain and abrasion-resistant, easy to maintain and decontaminate, and certified by independent bodies after extensive in-house testing. Gerflor, committed to eco-friendliness, supports a recycling program for flooring and manufacturing waste.

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