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Gerflor's anti-slip flooring, offering anti-slip performance levels from R10 to R12, features an extensive array of colours.

With its robust surface capable of withstanding heavy loads, it is the ideal choice for outfitting changing rooms, communal kitchens, bars/restaurants, and various walkways.

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Safeties by Gerflor

Electro-conductive flooring is designed for use in rooms for production, electronic equipment, computers or telecoms. They are also suitable for use in clean rooms thanks to a low impact on the production environment. The ESD range offers a permanent dissipative homogeneous floor covering product. This floor covering is permanently antistatic. 

Flooring is available in tiles and rolls. The color choice will be made from a palette of colors enabling you to create zones or to mark off safety areas. Our flooring is designed to be stain and abrasion resistant. It is easy to maintain and decontaminate. All our flooring is certified by independent bodies and has also undergone numerous in-house tests.

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