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PVC floor and wall coverings for manufacturing industries

Automotive, aerospace, textile, stationery, plastics industries, etc.: to meet your factory's requirements, Gerflor designs highly resistant floor coverings and wall protections. Our technical loose-lay (glue-free) range optimizes your production site's productivity and maintenance.

Making life easier in factories

They have many constraints: pedestrian or mechanical traffic, sound nuisance, collision risks, etc. manufacturing sites need practical and resistant floor and wall coverings.

  • Easy to install and maintain: GERFLOR's GTI loose-lay (glue-free) ranges are installed on existing floors as a loose-lay or semi-loose-lay installation, which keeps production downtime to a minimum.
  • Our flooring's resistance: supports all types of handling equipment up to 110 Kg/cm².
  • Reduction in sound nuisance related to impacts, wheeling around or footsteps on our flooring 
  • Improved factory productivity and safety with the option to easily create and change areas thanks to the 40 colors offered in the GTI Max range 
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Gerflor is committed to the environment
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The Gerflor teams have always put customers and the environment at the center of their concerns.
Our floor coverings, wall products and finishing elements are designed to last as long as possible, make life easier for users and protect their health. Their design and end-of-life options are also respectful of the planet.

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Do you have a question? Need an advice on one of your projects ? Contact Gerflor teams for a support close to your business.

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Gerflor creates, manufactures, and brings to market innovative, decorative and eco-responsible complete solutions for resilient floors, wall coverings, and accessories, from installation to finishings for commercial environments.


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