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Sports Flooring & finishes

Taraflex® Sport M Performance

  • Roll
Overall thickness
  • 9.00 mm
  • Maximum comfort and safety
  • P3 category unique on the market
  • A strong expertise since 1947

Product description

High Sport Performance and Comfort for Clubs, Competition and Education

Product & designs

  • P2 category : high levels of performance and safety, ideal for clubs / competition / education
  • CXP-HD foam : optimal performance and safety
  • D-max construction : high durability and outstanding dimensional stability
  • Unique Protecsol triple-action surface treatment : maximisation of slide and grip, easy to maintain and friction-burn-free surface
  • Large palette of natural and vibrant colours and designs : floor customisation
  • New range of wood designs: more realistic
  • Available with MyTaraflex innovative service : make each sport hall unique


  • Glued installation Available with Dry-Tex system

Market application

  • Best balance of sport performance and safety : ideal for clubs, competition and education 


  • Made in Europe : low CO2 footprint
  • TVOC after 28 days < 100µg/m3 : indoor air quality
  • 100% REACH, formaldehyde-free : health and safety
  • 100% recyclable : second life

  1. Triple Action Protecsol® surface treatment
  2. Design film
  3. Recycled calendared surface backing
  4. D-MAX
  5. CXP-HD


Recycling rate
  • 100%
Recycled content
  • 30%
TVOC after 28 days
  • < 100 µg/m3
  • a
  • Floorscore®


Interior Designer

Technical and environmental specifications

  • Value
    Surface treatment Triple-Action Protecsol®
    Overall thickness 9.00 mm
    Installation system covering Glue down
    Format details 1,5m roll
    Width of sheet 1.5 m
    Length of sheet 20.5 m, 26.4 m
  • Value
    Reaction to fire Cfl-s1
    Electro conductive No
    Impact sound insulation 20 dB
  • Value
    Recycling rate 100%
    Recycling content 30%
    TVOC after 28 days with unit < 100 µg/m3
    Product certificates A+, Floorscore®

Complementary products

Finishing solutions

CR50 - Hot welding - welding rods


Sports Flooring & finishes


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