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Mipolam Classic 2 mm

  • Roll
Overall thickness
  • 2.00 mm
  • High performing multipurpose flooring
  • Directional design
  • PUR surface treatment

Product description

A multi-purpose homogeneous vinyl floor.

  • PUR Surface Treatment: Ensures ease of maintenance and utilizes minimal acrylic emulsion throughout the product's lifespan, promoting longevity and sustainability.

  • 18 Directional Colours: Offers a diverse palette with marbled and masking designs, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of spaces.

  • TVOC After 28 Days < 10µg/m3: Guarantees excellent indoor air quality, contributing to a healthier and more comfortable environment.

  • 1 - PUR Treatment
  • 2 - Monolayer homogeneous flooring, pressed and calendered


Recycling rate
  • 100%
Recycled content
  • 25%
TVOC after 28 days
  • < 10 µg/m3
  • Floorscore®
  • RTS Emission class M1


Interior Designer

Technical and environmental specifications

  • Value
    Surface treatment PUR
    Overall thickness 2.00 mm
    Thickness of the wearlayer 2.00 mm
    Installation system covering Glue down
    Format details 2m roll
    Width of sheet 2 m
    Length of sheet 20.0 m
  • Value
    Reaction to fire Bfl-s1
    Slip resistance wet shod feet R9
    Electro conductive No
    Impact sound insulation 4 dB
  • Value
    Recycling rate 100%
    Recycling content 25%
    TVOC after 28 days with unit < 10 µg/m3
    Product certificates Floorscore®, RTS Emission class M1


Installation videos

Installation videos

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