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Finishing solutions

Clean Corner System

  • Ideal for cleanrooms
  • Patent corner coving solution
  • Watertight

Product description

Cleanliness is elevated with our patented Clean Corner System (for both external and internal angles)

Clean Corner System

  • Quick and easy cleaning and decontamination with patented easy-to-reach rounded corners.
  • Ensures durability and stability with zero risk of tearing or delamination of the floor covering in the corners.
  • Provides watertightness and versatility, simplifying coving in the corners and minimizing the need for welding.

Technical Schema clean corner system
  • 1 - For external angle (covered by the respective pending patent applications: WO2016/005695 A1, FR3023313)
  • 2 - For internal angle (covered by the French pending patent application FR3013065)


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Installation videos

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