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New surface treatment

No compromise! The ultimate stain and micro-scratch resistance!

At Gerflor, we are once again moving forward with a new surface treatment : ProtecShield™.

  • Still ultra matt: ultra realism is always a priority!
  • Micro-scratch Resistance: This advanced technology will make you forget all about durability concerns!
  • Stain resistance: Easy to maintain, save time and water!

Ultra matt finish

For many years, Gerflor has been paying special attention to LVT ultra matt finish.
It is of utmost importance to guarantee the ultra realistic appearance of the design.
To avoid any shiny effect on the floor it is also essential to have the right surface treatment in term of quality and thickness.
Our technical specialists have engineered the right treatment to combine performances and matt effect.


Micro scratch resistance

The massive improvement ! ProtecShield™ is the result of years of researches carried out by our R&D experts to deliver the best in class surface treatment.

It boasts outstanding performances against micro scratches and ensures ease of maintenance of the floor.


Easy Maintenance

Our customers do matter.

The waste of time and water belong to the past. Welcome into the future. Protecshield will amaze you!

Our new generation of LVT do not require specific or heavy maintenance operations thanks to their enhanced performances they will allow you to space out maintenance overtime, thus saving money, detergent or water consumption. 

A significant improvement in term of sustainability.


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