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Choose Gerflor to meet safety requirements

Safety is a necessity in the professional world more than ever, especially in industries where chemical products are handled and hazardous tools are used. Keen to meet safety requirements beyond official standards, Gerflor has developed a flooring range that allows professionals to guarantee everybody's safety within the different work areas.


Clearly identify hazardous areas

Safety comes first with obvious and visible demarcation of spaces. The objective is to enable employees to equip themselves, protect themselves and increase their vigilance in hazardous areas: pedestrian areas, passing vehicles, storage spaces, fire hazards, stops, ATEX (Explosive Atmosphere) areas.

To implement effective signage, Gerflor has designed industrial flooring which, in addition to its compliance with current standards, offers floor marking elements to delineate the various sectors of production sites. Thanks to immediately recognizable logos, your employees are visually alerted to the hazards and can implement appropriate safety measures.


Prevent risks in ATEX areas

Some departments create static electricity through their activity. This can cause serious accidents.

To protect workers from the risks of fire, explosion and the physiological consequences of repeated electrostatic discharges, it is necessary to install antistatic or electro-conductive flooring, flooring that discharges static electricity.

In order to meet the standards of high-tech industries, Gerflor has developed its range of GTI tiles, offering optimal protection for all industries that are subjected to static electricity.


Avoid workplace accidents with non-slip floors

More than one in ten workplace accidents resulting in a work stoppage is due to a slip. This type of workplace accident is more treacherous than others. The risk is less obvious than that induced by working near a machine tool or by handling hazardous products. Even if they are fully trained in occupational hazards and safety measures, your employees may experience same-level falls due to slipping if the floor is wet or dirty.

  • To overcome this danger, Gerflor has patented non-slip flooring that is easy to clean, with a 100% waterproof guarantee thanks to their welded joints and coving systems.
  • To reduce the risk of falling down stairs, Gerflor has also designed a full range of non-slip steps and nosing. This includes tactile warning strips and signage logos that also guarantee access for people with reduced mobility or visual impairments.

Reduce physical strains with resistant yet comfortable flooring

Many industry sectors require standing positions or frequent moving around. On hard floors composed of resin, masonry subfloors, cement or ceramic tiles, standing or walking for long periods of time may cause severe fatigue or work stoppages as a result of injuries resulting from fatigue. Gerflor's GTI flooring is recognized by employees who use it daily as more comfortable than hard floors, limiting fatigue at the end of the day.


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